Published: November 30, 2023

LearnCube's AI Assistant Heralds New Era For Language Teachers And Schools

LearnCube, the award-winning virtual classroom software provider, unveils its new AI Teacher Assistant. The Teacher Assistant empowers language teachers to create bespoke lesson materials instantly with just a few clicks.


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The AI Teacher Assistant Made For Language Teachers Is Now Available

Building on its reputation for virtual classroom and online language school software, LearnCube has just launched its new AI Teacher Assistant. Unlike other AI assistants, LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant is made for language teachers who teach online or in person. The technology is embedded into a world-class interactive whiteboard and provides teachers with personalised exercises without having to type a single word.

What excites language teachers and language schools alike is that the Teacher Assistant is one of the few products that removes the time, technical, and cost barriers to provide grammar, vocabulary, and other exercises that target their students' specific learning objectives.

The outcome when a teacher personalises the class is that their students feel much more motivated to learn, stay loyal to the teacher and school, and progress faster. Language teachers equipped with this time-saving tool will feel empowered, proud, and supported by their employers. Language schools using this tool would have a competitive edge and a happier student and teacher base.

The arrival of LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant heralds a new era of personal learning with a teacher.

Tailored Teaching For Every Student In Seconds

Most teachers would love to adapt their classes, in real time, to what their students need but, having to type prompts into ChatGPT is typically too stressful, distracting, and slow.

LearnCube's Teacher Assistant is AI-agnostic. The team experimented with a variety of AI models but ultimately chose ChatGPT because the results were the most consistent and high-quality from a pedagogical perspective.

"We've wrapped the power of generative AI in a teacher-friendly tool to help language teachers feel empowered. They now can provide teaching materials and exercises that address the particular needs and interests of their students," says Alex Asher, CEO of LearnCube.

"Importantly, language teachers can use it on the fly in a live online class because our Teacher Assistant is so fast and intuitive."

LearnCube has also created new interfaces to give teachers more control and efficiency. The Teacher Assistant provides teachers with the ability to privately preview and edit all generated responses without leaving the classroom, before they are published for students. On the rare occasions that the response from the Assistant is not what the teacher intended, teachers are able to modify words and sentences or simply re-run the request.

LearnCube's Smart Highlighter tool means that teachers can ask the Teacher Assistant for a personalised exercise without typing a single word. Using the tool, teachers highlight or click on the vocabulary from their materials that the Teacher Assistant will then use to create exercises or homework. These features eliminate the need for teachers to learn how to use ChatGPT or prompt-engineer.

"Our team dedicated months to figure out how to consistently generate high-quality language exercises, formatted to be instantly usable on a whiteboard and reusable in future classes," explains Wilim Abrook, Head of Education at LearnCube. "I think we've cracked it, and this is just phase one."

Available Now

The LearnCube AI Teacher Assistant will be available from Thursday, November 30. New users can experience the AI Teacher Assistant firsthand during any 14-day trial of our Virtual Classroom.

LearnCube invites educators, tech enthusiasts, and media representatives to its official launch webinar on Thursday, November 30 at 16:00 CET / 10:00 ET or to request the recording.

As one Director of Studies put it, the LearnCube AI Teacher Assistant "is the best application of AI I have ever seen in a classroom!"

About LearnCube

LearnCube specialises in virtual classroom and online school software that transforms online language teaching. LearnCube works with many of the most iconic brands in language teaching, including Babbel and Preply. LearnCube's integrated whiteboards, library, and AI Teacher Assistant distinguish it from traditional video-conferencing providers. Beyond the classroom, LearnCube offers an all-in-one platform made for online language teaching at scale with features including scheduling and detailed reporting. Discover more at LearnCube.